Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Going to????

Today I was reminded of how I want to try to have a positive attitude.  As I was walking I heard the joyful barking of a dog who I have been hearing for years. This dog is a huge tan hairy dog that has the best attitude. Every morning and evening he and his owner drive by my home. He rides in the back of a big pickup and looks from one side to the other with keen interest. (I know some of you will be bothered by him riding in back but I have no control over that so no angry messages please.) He has a bark that you can tell is joyful and he will look around until he spots someone then he barks in regular intervals like he is saying, "Hey look at me I am going." It is usually about 8:15 in the morning that he goes by and the neighbor children are walking to the school by my house. He doesn't make a sound until he spots those kids and then he starts.  I told my grands that he is shouting out to the kids telling them he is, "going to work, going to do something, going for a ride."  That bark is so joyful and his tail is just wagging. He keeps it up until he is past the kids and then he stops. Then the barking is repeated at about 5:00 pm when he heads home. We live across from a college so there is always someone out that he can bark to. I hear him barking and again think about what he might be saying. "Going home, going to eat, going to rest." It has become a routine that I listen for often and chuckle to myself about that happy dog. I got thinking that there are a lot of joyful things that we go to do. There was a time that I was really down about not being able to work. I now work at my small job and enjoy it very much. I enjoy doing so much that use to seem impossible for me to do. I hope that as I do the things I can now that I convey the joy that dog gives to the world. Hey world look at me I am going to???????

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Basement Surprise.

Look what I found when I went downstairs and wondered why the bathroom door was closed with no one in there. This was a little gift from the grands. A spider web. Surprise to the grands. After having boys and a bunch of little grand boys I know to check out the seat before each use. They did not fool me on this trick. Maybe next time!!!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pacing the Hospital Hallways.

It is so Hot. In my town it has been toasty every day averaging about 114 degrees.  That makes it a little difficult to get in my walk I like to try and do every day. Yes, I can and do get up and go about 7 am but what to do when I don't get going soon enough or work? I could swim but have found that breathing  the chemicals are causing a little of my problems with my asthma.  Last week I decided to try our little local mall and that seemed to work but with it being flat ground it did not give me the challenge I like to do of walking up hill and down then up again to give me some interval training. ALSO, I found so many things I needed to buy and I spent money as I was walking. THAT had to STOP!!!!! So I have been trying to think of something to do. I could go and do some Zumba classes or step but am still fighting this sinus, lung thing and don't want to do anything to wild until I am all better. So..... I need to walk.  Yesterday I came up with something that I thought was a wonderful solution. I live very close to our regional hospital and it has some long hallways that lead to the separated wings of patients rooms.  I could walk the hallways, enjoy the beautiful artwork, and be ahhhhhh in the air conditioning. The hospital has 4 floors and at the end of the hallways there are fights of stairs before the wings with the patients rooms so I would not be disturbing anyone. I could walk to one end go up the stairs and go to the other end and then use the stairs again. Why not? I was pretty pleased with myself and told my husband we were going for a walk and to put his walking shoes one. I then told him about my plan  and he just looked at me like I was crazy.  He thinks most of my schemes are crazy but he usually comes along.(sometimes he even accidentally has fun) So off we went. It worked great!!!! One of the stair wells  was painted beautiful colors and had many motivational quotes about exercise and self improvement.  We walked for about 40 minuets and then went out to walk around the building. We were rewarded with the sight of a roadrunner right in front of us. We use to see them a lot in our area but have not seen one for years. That was exciting to see. My walk was done and I was able to stay cool and also doing the stairs gave me the challenge I wanted.  I am sure I will be pacing the hospital hallways again.