Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Expect Miracles

You who have followed my blog know that I spent about 7 weeks four years ago in a facility to get off all the medications I was on. The main goal was to get off the Narcotic medications that were slowly taking my life.  It was in a beautiful home and there were beds for 8.  Everything was done as a group except private counseling sessions. We got to know each other quite well. As each of the clients would complete their rehab there would be a ceremony. As it was each clients turn to leave they would meet with a counselor and choose a large coin out of a basket that would contain an inspirational message that the client felt was written for them.  At the ceremony the coin would be passed about the circle of therapists and clients and each would share one gift that they thought the graduating client had. It was recorded and then given to the client when they left the home.  When it was my turn to pick a coin there was only one available that day. I read it and felt like it was for me. I sat in the circle and listened to the gifts the other's said I had.  Unfortunately my tape was not ready when I left and was to be mailed to me later. I never received it.
    I brought that coin home and it was made into a medallion that I could wear around my neck. I do not wear it often but it is always in my mind and heart. I also have a plaque that hangs in my home that says Expect Miracles. The message on the coin is one I want to share with you with the hope that you will also take it into your mind and heart.
      EXPECT MIRACLES......I not only believe in Miracles- I depend on them.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Update about Sue from Blog post...Do it for you.

The last few times I have been back at my H20 class my friend Sue has been there. I wrote about her in a blog post earlier (Do it for you.) about how she was being pushed to go to the gym and was very unhappy. I told her the other day that I loved all the colors and flowers on her swimming suit and would love to have one like it. She looked at me and said...I just want to look like you....ME????? Sometime I forget that I have lost weight and so was taken back a little. She then walked into the locker room. The next day I talked to her and told her how proud I was of her for coming to the gym and working hard. She said she was coming every day now and walking in the mornings before coming. She was so proud and she should be.  As I walked out I felt like I needed to go back and talk to her again. I asked her if she remembered when she met me. She said about a year ago. I realized she had not known me in my full glory. With all my weight. I dug out a couple of my before pictures and said look at this. This was before we met. This is what I looked like when I started here three years ago. She was really quiet for a moment then said, "you were so big." Yes I was I told her. I know how hard it is to be here in a swimming suit and how painful it is to walk but that it does pay off. I told her that a lot of us there in that class were proud of her and could see that she was working hard. I hope she continues with her journey and finds more of that happiness that I could see sparkling in her eyes. She deserves it.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Darling Dorothy

I have to confess....I have not been to the gym for a while. I had other priorities but have now been able to adjust my schedule to get back into the pool. I have been twice in the past week and let me tell you I am stiff and sore. It was so fun to see my group of "swimming buddies." The first one to paddle over to say she had missed me was Dorothy. I met Dorothy when I first started at that gym almost three years ago. She will be 80 soon and is spry and healthy. As we got to know each other she told me one day that when she turned 75 she was so weak and sick that she had to have help getting out of a chair. Her Doctor told her to get in the pool and get moving. She shared how hard it was to even go shopping for a swimming suit. But she was fed up with  not feeling good and missing out on life. She started going to the pool almost every day. She lost a bit of weight but gained back her strength and confidence. She loves to flex her muscles in her arm and have us feel it. I watch her climb up the ladder on the side of the pool and she is a tiny bit shaky but does fine.  She really is amazing. She could have said okay Doctor and not done it or just said to herself....I guess this is my life...but she decided to fight.  I have had people tell me that they look at me being able to do what I have done age. I look at Dorothy and think of what she has been able to do at her age. I guess I just want to say. Don't give up. Keep on going.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Not for me!!

I was at a meeting where we were talking about how to get our activity up to help with weight loss. I was reminded by the teacher that we need to remember where we came from. That to get in front of a group of people and tell them what you are doing as far as working out, distance walking, etc. can be a real discouragement to them. My mind flashed back to a meeting I was in a few weeks ago and the group was really into the discussion and sharing ideas. The leader was a very fit 50 year old that had lost about 30 pounds on her journey.  She mentioned that she was doing triathlons and looking forward to her first Senior Game competition. She then mentioned that we should try a mini Tri... It was only so many laps to swim, miles to bike, and miles to run. I myself immediately shut down and stopped listening and the room became silent. She had no idea what affect it had on me and I think the others.  Most of this group had many pounds to go and it was just like she was speaking a different language. She lost all of us because she had not been so over weight that she couldn't walk around the block without much effort. I came back to the present discussion and thought about this blog. I hope that I am not speaking a different language when I write. I remember the pain, the sadness, the effort it took to move.  I know about clothes shopping, clothes rubbing and rashes. I remember my thoughts about myself when someone looked at me.(even when they probably were not judging.) I will never forget.  Don't give up. Each day you feel a little better. Especially mentally because you are loving you.  Don't find excuses that are not true. I hear a lot. I can't walk it is to hot, cold, windy, raining, or just looked like rain.   Just do something for 5 min.. That is how I started. I would even put a timer on and increase the time as I got stronger. I was my own mean trainer. Find your own mean trainer that won't take your excuses. Take that trainer with you and keep you going. You will see results and feel so much better and might even begin to like that trainer.........

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


A few years ago I meet a woman who has played a large part in my family. My three son's meet FlyLady when they were getting ready to perform at Good Things Utah. They came home and told me about meeting this person called FlyLady and her friends and she was really nice. I informed them that I had heard about her from a neighbor and I was going to find out more. I talked to my neighbor and heard all about the daily e-mail's sent out each day, about rubba scrubbas, feather dusters, 15 min. house work, and Finally Loving Yourself.  I was a little overwhelmed and a little confused but decided to wait and see just where this chance meeting would lead. As many of you know because you found my blog through my son Eric or FlyLady that a friendship was formed and Eric was able to participate with FlyLady when she spoke. He also was able to sing the song, "Why Not Today." for a CD she created. They have become close friends. As the years have gone by I have been able to spend time with her and know that she really does have love and concern for the people she comes in contact with. One of my favorite memories is of a time I had her staying at my house and she sat at my kitchen table and did her radio show. As she talked she smiled, got teary, and gave words of encouragement.  She has done many wonderful things for me and mine and continues to be dear to me. I realized that she was not superwoman that she has problems just like you and me but she sure is special. As I walked this morning I thought about that (maybe because I had just taken a drink out of her water bottle?) and about people who had helped me with my journey.  I thought of something that my friend Linda sent to me that goes like this. Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest. It's about who walked into your life, said "I'm here for you" and proved it.  I know there are many that I forgot to tell "Thank You" for not giving up on me.  I write this blog  to give thanks to them and to hopefully pay it forward and help others who need to know that someone has been though what they are going through and cares. I have made many friends as I have worked on myself and feeling healthy. I hope to continue making many more as we work together to continue this journey. Thank you for your kind words and comments they make me stronger. (even the rude ones. haha) So let's get FLYING.