Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Friday, July 1, 2016

New Picture

If you can FLY so can I.

As you know I have not been posting on my blog for a while. Each early spring I plunge into that dark world of SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I have members of my family that also experience this. It seemed to be pretty harsh this year and I just quit doing most of the things I usually love to do. No writing, no reading, and no exercise of any type.  I have always been a walker and I just dreaded even thinking about it.  I made sure that I continued with my vitamins and healthy eating. Getting sleep and just hanging on. I knew that it should lift. If it does not I know to go to my Doctor and get some help. It just happens and I hang on.  I could tell it was starting to lift as I became more interested about walking and did get out and go a few times last week.
      I always like to watch for things in nature that might motivate or encourage me. The last week I have had a little Mourning Dove hoping around my yard. As I watch closely it seemed to tilt to the one side. Finally it walked out onto the sidewalk so I could have a better view. The little bird was missing its foot! It had a leg but no foot and was walking around on that stump. I watch as that bird interacted with other birds and moved along eating as it went. Then off it flew to the top of the fence. It was always sitting on the top of my tall cinder block fence and I realized that it could not hold onto a perch or wire with its one foot. Its life was very different from the other Doves but it didn't seem to have a problem surviving at all.  As I watched that bird I realized that I needed to get out and get going. To do the things I love and let my body tamper down the depression for another year. (Or forever!!) If that little bird can survive and thrive with the loss of a foot then I should be able to do more to help myself. One time a Doctor told me that the best thing for SAD was to exercise and power through it. At that time exercise was a long lost dream. It was really hard to exercise when I was close to 300 pounds   I took the medication that he offered instead.  Now I have a healthy strong body. I can do many things that I never dreamt I would ever do again a few years ago. I had lost that fighting drive for a few months but the spark has been kindled by a little Dove.  I keep saying to myself, " if that little Dove can FLY so can I."  Finally Loving Yourself.