Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


While leading a meeting the other day a thought popped into my head and out of my mouth.  I have had many people comment  to me  about how they liked it so I have made it into a quote.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Survived another winter.

Once again my favorite Almond tree has reminded me about taking my mom and dad to see its beauty. Each year for 31 years I have sat under this tree and smelled the blooms, listened to the bees, and marveled at the stregnth this old tree has. Today as I walked under it I could once again hear my mom say, "there is the proof that we lived through another winter." Sweet memories. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Old Cotton mill..

In my last blog post titled Follow Your Own Path I wrote about trying to find a way into an old cotton mill.  For many years it has been on my "bucket list" to explore it. I finally made it to the cotton mill and was very enchanted.  It took some hiking and taking off my shoes and wading across the Virgin River in order to get to the mill.  In the property around the mill there were many areas that were used as camp fire areas.  There were long benches circling some of the fire pits.  One of my son's with us remembered going to this exact site for a Scout outing.  I didn't know that is where they had gone. The area has not been used for many years.  I have inquired a little about the history of the mill.   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints sent a group of pioneers to settle this area and grow cotton. The mill was built in the 1860's. Several mills were built on the banks of the river. Cotton grown in Hurricane was put on flat bottom barges and floated to the mills downstream. One of the larger mills has been restored in Washington, Utah and is currently being used by a plant nursery business. As I roamed the area I wondered about the hardships they must have endured to produce the cotton.  The hot dry summers and frequent river floods. The list of struggles could go on and on.  They were so strong. I wanted to share a little of this journey with you by posting three pictures.  The front of the mill. One of my son ferrying his wife across the river. The back of the mill.   We had a lot of fun and was able to share a little of the wonder and history of this beautiful area.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Follow your own path

As many of you know one of the great joys in my life is being able to get out and hike in nature.   When I was in the process of dropping my weight I had a group of wonderful lady friends that I would take on easy hikes. Once in a while we would even allow a gentleman to join our wanderings. They all marveled at our beautiful country and I think enjoyed the places I was able to take them. Due to many things happening the group slowly dwindled and we do not go anymore.  Now I am so glad that when I lead our little group I would make them stop with the comment, "look at the world for a bit. You will never be at this same spot with these same people again." We would often stand and just gaze for quite a while. I still do this with my family. "Look at the world."
       I just got a little off track with what I really wanted to write about today. I guess because my thoughts came when I was out on a hike the other day. I was hiking with one of my sons and my husband. We were searching for a route into an old cotton mill. I have always wanted to go investigate it.  The problem is that it is pretty tricky to get to. One route is through the river. One route is closed and owned by a private company and we knew of no other route. So we decided to drive on a main road to the other side of the river and hike over some hills to see if we could get to it from that way. Up the first hill we went, then down, then starting up again. My son decided to climb to the top of that hill having us(oldsters) wait down at the bottom. He came back and informed us that the mill was a lot farther than we had  estimated and needed to find a different route. We started back. My son leading and my husband close behind. As I followed them I realized that the path they were taking was really not working well for me.  I felt like I should be crossing the hill then turning back at a much more gradual decline than they were doing.  Trying to follow them I was having to use my hiking stick to give me the added support to take steps safely. They were going pretty fast and I was trying to keep up.  I was really quite afraid of slipping and going down the hill. I decided to make my own path. I went slow, sure, and steady. I felt confident in my steps and knew I would get down in my own time. It didn't matter if they had to wait for me at the bottom. I was enjoying my hike much more after this. I was making my own path to follow.
        I want to relate this to my  healthy journey and yours. Your journey is your own. You need to make and follow your own path. I had to figure out what would work for me.  I had to be very open to learn, research, and making me a priority.  I had to choose my own way. Where would I step next to help myself? What would I try? Many people ask me how I did it? I used what I had learned in my nutrition classes as a nurse and began following the path I had chosen. I tested my blood sugar often and learned what foods impacted me the most. I then avoided them. I also learned what exercise would do for the regulation of my blood sugar. I "listened" to my body. I followed what it told me. Many of the things I did not want to hear. I  knew that if I listened I would have to change to live. It worked!!  Slowly, very slowly the weight began to drop. The energy increased. All the things I thought would be gone from me forever became a possibility. Then a reality. I wish I could give you the map to my path. But it won't work for you. You need to make your own map. Test out the trail. Listen to your own body. Follow the path that is just for you. It should be slow, sure, and steady. Most of all on your healthy journey stop and look around once in a while. See where you are in this beautiful world because  you will never be in this same spot with these same people again.  Enjoy the journey. (Haven't made it to the cotton mill yet. Found another possible route. Will try it out soon.)