Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

KaKaKa Katie......

As many of you know I have been spending mornings with two of my grand's getting them up, fed, and to their school.  Not to long ago two more grand's were added to that morning joy.  I have had times through the years that I have been asked to transports grand's to school, home or both. As I drive I like to try and be the entertainer with my captive little audience.  I sing songs to them. I have always sang to my children and grand's as I rocked them to sleep or spent time with them. Children songs or my version of some songs.  Yesterday I decided to sing one of my old time favorites that I have used on various grand's through the years.  It goes to the tune of the old song KaKaKa Katie.  You oldsters(like me) will know the tune.  What I sing is JaJaJa Jayden. Marvelous Jayden your the only bababoy that I adore.  When the mamoon shines over the cow shed I'll be waywaywating at the kikitchen door.  He just grinned and then shouted..."I LIKE THAT!"  I sang it over and over to him. I then asked him if he knew what marvelous was? No he did not.  I explained to him that it was wonderful, happy, funny, strong, good helper and a few other good things.  I then asked him if he knew what adore was?  No he did not.  I then explained that it was to really like someone or something even love them.  He was so delighted with that song. I have always hoped that those songs would somehow help them with gaining a good self esteem and to know they are loved.  As I dropped him off at home I told his mom about how much he liked that song. He just grinned as I sang it to him as we were standing at the door and from the other room my 12 year old grand shouted out. "Hey, I thought that was my song"...... I guess it has been working.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We have spies.

We have lived in out town for about 30 years.  When we moved here it was a little lazy town of about 10,000 people. There were two elementary schools and one called the sixth grade center that housed all the six grade students from the whole county.  We knew a lot of the town people and they knew us. One of the good things about the smaller town was that we the towns people kept an eye on the kids and what they were doing.  I knew what kind of car(if they were lucky and had one) my kids friends drove. My friends and acquaintances knew what my kids drove and who they hung out with.  Many a time I would bump into someone and they would tell me about seeing one of my kids over here or there doing something. Now this was fine most of the time but kids will be kids and once in a while I would find out something about one of them that I was not to know about. Usually I would give it a day or two to see if it would come out in some conversation.  If not I would inform them that I knew and what was going on?  The reply was always, "who told you?"  "I bet it was ....... and would blame their siblings.."  I would be able to tell them that I knew everything and that I had spies everywhere. That would usually end the conversation and I hope scare them a little. Many, many times I have been well informed by the spies.
       Lately that has been reversed on me.  I got a call from one of my boys the other day and he said. "I heard you were really booking it thought the park this morning."  Another time one said.  " My friend saw you up on the red hills parkway. That's a long ways from home." Another time it was, "That's a pretty busy road you were just walking on and watch for falling rocks."  It was then that I REALIZED  that  they have spies...Now it is not my secret system anymore.  The role has been reversed.  I guess I have to accept the fact that WE HAVE SPIES. (I better behave!!!!!)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Don't Worry Granny, your alive!!!!"

Yesterday I was part  of a group of amazing strong people. Our local Weight Watchers Center decided to host two different 5K walks for our members. I am one of the leaders and so wanted to be involved with the group. On Tuesday night I am usually involved in shuttling two of my grands to a tutor and helping them get a start on the weeks homework.  I asked them last week if they would like to go on this walk with me instead of tutor and homework.. Of course they said YES(the lesser of two evils?)  They thought it sounded like a lot of fun.  Another leader and I had gone the day before and mapped off the distance and found the best route for a friendly walk for the members.  The weather cooperated and off we headed on our walk.  My little 7 year old grand was off in a hurry wanting to be first.  He went a long ways but then began to get tired.  He headed back and I met up with him on the trail.  He said he was so tired and just couldn't make it.  I just took his hand and we walked and talked about all kinds of stuff. The trail is along the river and one side of high cliffs with huge boulders that have fallen down and seem perched on the slopes. We came up with a plan of what to do if the boulders started to roll. There were bugs, plants, birds, and stuff to look at and talk about all along the way. One of our men members had given him a big black and white feather that he kept swishing back and forth to scare away the bugs.   My Grand got real quiet and asked me who my daddy was?  I explained that my daddy had died and was in heaven. He had been gone a long time.  He jutted out his bottom lip and frowned and said, "that is so sad."  A few more steps on the way back and then the next question. "who is your mommy?"  I then told him my mommy was also gone and had been for a long time too.  Again the sad face and the comment, "that is so sad Granny."  I began to comfort him and tell him that my mommy and daddy were old and had been sick. That people die when they get old.   Again we walked in silence for a while.  He then began rubbing the back of my hand.  My hands have had a lot of wear and tear and the hand he was rubbing has a scar that still has a small scab from a recent injury.  He was really studying that rough looking hand.  He quietly said, "Granny your old."  I could figure out what he was thinking about and was wondering how to respond when he quickly reach up and tapped on the fitbit (a wrist band I wear that flashes when I reach the exercise goal I set.  It also flashed and informs you how you are doing if you tap on it)   He stopped looked up at me and grinned , "Granny don't worry it says you are still alive- it just flashed at me."  Good to know.