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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We have spies.

We have lived in out town for about 30 years.  When we moved here it was a little lazy town of about 10,000 people. There were two elementary schools and one called the sixth grade center that housed all the six grade students from the whole county.  We knew a lot of the town people and they knew us. One of the good things about the smaller town was that we the towns people kept an eye on the kids and what they were doing.  I knew what kind of car(if they were lucky and had one) my kids friends drove. My friends and acquaintances knew what my kids drove and who they hung out with.  Many a time I would bump into someone and they would tell me about seeing one of my kids over here or there doing something. Now this was fine most of the time but kids will be kids and once in a while I would find out something about one of them that I was not to know about. Usually I would give it a day or two to see if it would come out in some conversation.  If not I would inform them that I knew and what was going on?  The reply was always, "who told you?"  "I bet it was ....... and would blame their siblings.."  I would be able to tell them that I knew everything and that I had spies everywhere. That would usually end the conversation and I hope scare them a little. Many, many times I have been well informed by the spies.
       Lately that has been reversed on me.  I got a call from one of my boys the other day and he said. "I heard you were really booking it thought the park this morning."  Another time one said.  " My friend saw you up on the red hills parkway. That's a long ways from home." Another time it was, "That's a pretty busy road you were just walking on and watch for falling rocks."  It was then that I REALIZED  that  they have spies...Now it is not my secret system anymore.  The role has been reversed.  I guess I have to accept the fact that WE HAVE SPIES. (I better behave!!!!!)

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