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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

KaKaKa Katie......

As many of you know I have been spending mornings with two of my grand's getting them up, fed, and to their school.  Not to long ago two more grand's were added to that morning joy.  I have had times through the years that I have been asked to transports grand's to school, home or both. As I drive I like to try and be the entertainer with my captive little audience.  I sing songs to them. I have always sang to my children and grand's as I rocked them to sleep or spent time with them. Children songs or my version of some songs.  Yesterday I decided to sing one of my old time favorites that I have used on various grand's through the years.  It goes to the tune of the old song KaKaKa Katie.  You oldsters(like me) will know the tune.  What I sing is JaJaJa Jayden. Marvelous Jayden your the only bababoy that I adore.  When the mamoon shines over the cow shed I'll be waywaywating at the kikitchen door.  He just grinned and then shouted..."I LIKE THAT!"  I sang it over and over to him. I then asked him if he knew what marvelous was? No he did not.  I explained to him that it was wonderful, happy, funny, strong, good helper and a few other good things.  I then asked him if he knew what adore was?  No he did not.  I then explained that it was to really like someone or something even love them.  He was so delighted with that song. I have always hoped that those songs would somehow help them with gaining a good self esteem and to know they are loved.  As I dropped him off at home I told his mom about how much he liked that song. He just grinned as I sang it to him as we were standing at the door and from the other room my 12 year old grand shouted out. "Hey, I thought that was my song"...... I guess it has been working.

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  1. My daughter's name is Katie and my father used to sing that song to her every time he saw her. I never thought about adapting it to fit my granddaughter. Thank you so much for sharing this brought back so many good memories.