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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Old Cotton mill..

In my last blog post titled Follow Your Own Path I wrote about trying to find a way into an old cotton mill.  For many years it has been on my "bucket list" to explore it. I finally made it to the cotton mill and was very enchanted.  It took some hiking and taking off my shoes and wading across the Virgin River in order to get to the mill.  In the property around the mill there were many areas that were used as camp fire areas.  There were long benches circling some of the fire pits.  One of my son's with us remembered going to this exact site for a Scout outing.  I didn't know that is where they had gone. The area has not been used for many years.  I have inquired a little about the history of the mill.   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints sent a group of pioneers to settle this area and grow cotton. The mill was built in the 1860's. Several mills were built on the banks of the river. Cotton grown in Hurricane was put on flat bottom barges and floated to the mills downstream. One of the larger mills has been restored in Washington, Utah and is currently being used by a plant nursery business. As I roamed the area I wondered about the hardships they must have endured to produce the cotton.  The hot dry summers and frequent river floods. The list of struggles could go on and on.  They were so strong. I wanted to share a little of this journey with you by posting three pictures.  The front of the mill. One of my son ferrying his wife across the river. The back of the mill.   We had a lot of fun and was able to share a little of the wonder and history of this beautiful area.

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