Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Not for me!!

I was at a meeting where we were talking about how to get our activity up to help with weight loss. I was reminded by the teacher that we need to remember where we came from. That to get in front of a group of people and tell them what you are doing as far as working out, distance walking, etc. can be a real discouragement to them. My mind flashed back to a meeting I was in a few weeks ago and the group was really into the discussion and sharing ideas. The leader was a very fit 50 year old that had lost about 30 pounds on her journey.  She mentioned that she was doing triathlons and looking forward to her first Senior Game competition. She then mentioned that we should try a mini Tri... It was only so many laps to swim, miles to bike, and miles to run. I myself immediately shut down and stopped listening and the room became silent. She had no idea what affect it had on me and I think the others.  Most of this group had many pounds to go and it was just like she was speaking a different language. She lost all of us because she had not been so over weight that she couldn't walk around the block without much effort. I came back to the present discussion and thought about this blog. I hope that I am not speaking a different language when I write. I remember the pain, the sadness, the effort it took to move.  I know about clothes shopping, clothes rubbing and rashes. I remember my thoughts about myself when someone looked at me.(even when they probably were not judging.) I will never forget.  Don't give up. Each day you feel a little better. Especially mentally because you are loving you.  Don't find excuses that are not true. I hear a lot. I can't walk it is to hot, cold, windy, raining, or just looked like rain.   Just do something for 5 min.. That is how I started. I would even put a timer on and increase the time as I got stronger. I was my own mean trainer. Find your own mean trainer that won't take your excuses. Take that trainer with you and keep you going. You will see results and feel so much better and might even begin to like that trainer.........


  1. Thanks for helping to take the first step to moving more. Even if I have to take the 1st step again every few days. I still am moving more than before finding your blog. Thanks again!!!

    1. We all have to take that 1st step over and over. I am glad to hear you are moving more.

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