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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You can look like that!

I never know what I am going to hear on any given day that motivates me to keep going. I try to find ways to lift others up too. I know that many times just a small comment can make a huge difference in a person's day. I think it often lifts me up more that the person I am talking to.  Today as I was talking to my H20 aerobic instructor she mentioned the changes she had seen in me over the past three years.  She commented that she thought I was now smaller than her.......and I was immediately reminded of something that happened three years ago. When I first started in H20 aerobics I was so impressed with this instructor. She really worked us, had a lot of energy, and was very enthusiastic. She did not seem to mind that the pool was full of "Oldies." She just got going and kept going.  I was going every day and would often mention to my family that they should give it a try, that it was a great total body work out. Now my one son is very into the weight lifting and training at the gym. He would kinda smirk at me and say okay. I finally convinced him to try the class. So here he was this young, handsome, bearded, buff dude in the pool with all of us "oldies." He told me after that the workout was great. (what else could he say to his mother?) There was something that he said to me that has impacted me and given me so much drive. I commented to him about how strong and muscular the instructor was. I would love to look like her. He looked at me and said, "you CAN look like that." I just scoffed at him and said, "right!" He said. "No you really can. You have the potential to do that. You have a similar body type to hers.(under this layer of fat I thought) You will  not get as muscular as her but you can change your body if you want."  I have thought about that comment often, it has motivated me many times to keep going. I can look like that!!!!! I have to do the work but I can.  Now- I am not muscular but I have muscles.  I can not lift weights as heavy or as long as her but I can lift weights. I can not walk the many miles she walks as she does her dog walking job but I can walk.  Just that one little comment has motivated me into trying many different types of exercise and to work harder. Thank you son for teaching me. Yes, I can look like that.  One comment that gave me hope. I want you to have that hope and know you too can, "look like that."

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