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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cleaning Grandma's House

Has been a while since I have written on here. Just needed a little break I guess. This post is going to be a little different. Maybe some of you will think I'm weird but I will just say, "join the crowd, I know I am a little weird." This post is about my daughter and something that she has been experiencing for many years. 
        My daughter moved to Provo, Utah many years ago to attend college. She lived about 15 miles from my Mother.  I am not sure how often this would happen but Emily would go over to see my Mother and help her around the house.  They spent many hours going through photos and working on other stuff.  I am sure Emily would dust and clean as that was an honored job that my Niece Bonnie use to come and do before she moved from the area. They would help with the Christmas tree and assorted odd jobs that Grandmas love their granddaughters to do... It was a special time for them. My Mother remarried and moved from her home into her new husbands home. Emily moved and the cleaning stopped.  The house was sold many years ago. My Mother has passed. This is where it gets interesting.  My daughter when she is going through troubling times begins to dream about cleaning my Mother's house and not able to get it done.  She has called me many times and asked me," What is Grandma trying to tell me?" We have talked about many different ideas and always come to the conclusion that Grandma knew she was struggling with decisions and wants her  to take care of herself. This has gone on for years.  My daughter has gone through some very tough times. She and her son D survived a horrific car crash that the responding officers told us they should not have survived from. She has a strength that I can only wish I had. She does continue to struggle with many issues in her life. (we all do)  So she has been having the dream again.   She knows that Grandma is sending her a message, but what?  This past few weeks she has been pondering a lot of changes in her life. Health, employment, and family situations.  She has been able to make some final decisions  that she thinks will help her in all these areas. She said that she had the dream again last night.   As usual she was doing all the tasks like before but this time she finished cleaning and locked the door!!!!!!  I think Grandma is satisfied with  her choices and with her final cleaning.


  1. I love reading your blog... and no you are not weird. It makes a lot of sense to have those kind of dreams when life is in upheaval. Thank you for the inspiration every time you write.