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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Birthday Gift

Several days ago it was my 61st birthday.  I want to thank all of you who sent me birthday wishes and encouragement.  My brother who is just 1 year and 2 weeks behind me sent me a message the night before my birthday.  I am sure it was to give me a little jab but I really enjoyed reminding him that the big 60 was heading his way.  My daughter-in-law informed her friends on facebook that she was celebrating her birthday week with instructions that the perfect gift would be to bring her cookies from Dutchman's market.  Now technically it is still my week. The calendar states Sunday is the first day of the week. Her birthday is Monday July 21st. so she will have to wait until Monday of next week for her cookies from the Dutchman market(if you ask me) or she has to share with me!!!!!!! As I have thought of this "birthday week,"  I have decided that I could give a gift to others for my birthday.  I have decided to donate blood.  The soonest I can get an appointment is next Monday.  I have donated before and as a former nurse know the wonderful things that donated blood can do to help other people who are in need.  I know that July of each year is when there is a critical shortage of blood products available.  I want to encourage all of you that can donate to take an hour and pass on the gift of life.  It is one small way I can show how grateful I am for the miracle I call my life.

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