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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Osteoporosis update

I have an update on my "new" diagnosis of osteoporosis. I was able to spend some time with my Dr. discussing the treatment and results. I have new hope. For a while I was just so stunned I quit exercising and just had a huge pitty party. I now have hope and the mental strength to fight back to try and improve my diagnosis. My Dr. let me know that it was very possible to have the bone mass increased. I don't really like the way the Actonel works in increasing bone mass. I will continue to research other options.  I do have some side affects from it for about a week after taking my once a month dose.  I have been through worse.(withdrawal from methadone lasted for months)   I have pumped up my Calcium and Vit D. I am slowly eliminating my consumption of Soda. I have continued with my weight lifting and focusing more on the muscles along my spine. My Dr. has assured me that it would take a significant  fall to fracture my vertebrae  This was a big fear for me. I now know that the weight loss contributed to this. I know that I should have been focusing more on walking and weight lifting in the early stages of my journey. Tha H2o aerobics were great for so many things but did not give me much in the weight bearing department. Also both my mom and dad had it which really increased my risk. For a while my mind kept saying,"Why? Why? Why? I now am able to look forward and say, "what can I do to fight this?" If I can encourage you to do anything it would be know your history and risk factors. Get your Calcium and Vitamin D.  I knew some of the risk factors. A few I have found out since the diagnosis. So now I know and I can continue moving, eating right, and staying as healthy as I can on this journey. Thank you for all your words of encouragement. I'm going to "Just Keep Swimming!"

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