Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Swampy slump.

 I have had a lot running through my mind the past few months. Wondering If It was time to stop blogging. I write for me and hope that I can help you as I write about how I am feeling and doing. On a recent trip I had an interesting experience. I was traveling through an airport and heard an excited voice exclaim! " Is that Mrs. Dodge?  Yes it is!  I am so excited to meet you Mrs. Dodge!" "You are a huge inspiration to my wife and I!"  As we visited more he explained that he and his wife read my blog and it helps them! This was not something I expected to hear at 6:00 AM in the airport.  This is not something I expect to hear at any time so it was quite precious to me.  Let me explain.

I lost my weight to regain my health. I never in my wildest dream thought I would be able to help others to become the best they could be. It just happened. I reclaimed my life and began to share it. You all began sharing with me your success and your frustrations but you also gave me your encouragement and support.  You give me hope and drive to continue on. I think of the things you post on my blog and I am so thankful to be able to hear that I am helping in some small way.

I have been in a slump as far as exercise and eating well.  I know that it will always be a struggle to keep my health and weight in line. I have fought and struggled with my self for quite some time but the past few weeks I've been starting to slowly crawl out of the slump.  It feels good to take control again and start to move.  I have to move or my fibro begins screaming in my ears that I hurt. I began by walking slowly and have been able to pick that back up pretty easily. (our bodies are so forgiving of being neglected!)  It feels good to be out and moving along. I then signed myself up for a program at our local hospital that I am really enjoying.  It is in the Live Well center.  I went in for an evaluation and spend about 3 hours going over my eating habits, sleeping habits, and especially my mobility.  They even put me in a bod pod and measured my "fat."  During one part of the evaluation I was required to do a lot of balance and strength tests.  The physical therapist doing the assessment shook his head and said he didn't know what to do with me as far as the type of exercises I needed to be doing.   I tested in all of the levels as a much younger person. He said there were two usual sets of exercises, one for younger people and one for older.  He decided to do my exercises as a "younger" person staring with strength training so I go and lift weights and work on resistance machines twice a week.  They are starting me low on all areas because they do not want to cause injury to my already blown wrists. I wear weight training gloves that are shocking pink and that gives all the trainers a chuckle. There are 2-3 trainers in working with a group of 10 of us. I have been sore but it is a good sore.  It is a sore that says I am working to strengthen my back, hips, and shoulders. My frozen shoulder is loving that it has free movement again. It feels good to be taking care of me.

I hope that if you are in a slump that you try to get yourself going. Its hard. I know but once you have done some form of exercises for a few days the slump begins to lift.  I think of so many of you when I walk and wonder how you are doing. Or what I can say to get you to begin your healthy journey. It is really hard at times but it is really worth it.  Let's end this year on a "high" instead of sinking into the swampy slump.  Thanks for picking me up and carrying me when I have needed your help


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog as I can emphasize with what you write! Please keep at it, not for me ir you but for all of us!

    Thanks from me!

  2. Mrs Dodge - I would have been that person at the airport had I seen you. You were compelled to start this blog because there are many people that were crying out for inspiration. We never know where we stand in the Master's plan, but we all play a part. Your newest blog, and its subject, come at a very good time for me. I had been back to the good work of taking care of myself the Thanksgiving completely derailed me. Not because of one dinner, but because of the emotions it stirs in me. I fight to own my own mind around food, and I'm back at it this morning. Thank you for your timely message. No swampy slump for me!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I am in a Slump right now I used to Exercise by Logging Cemeteries and was in Better shape but been Busy lately to do any of that but between now and my Next Doc appointment in February I am taking some Much Needed Me TIME and going back to what I love and that is Helping Others while Logging Local Cemeteries :D ~Timmy From Facebook (also Sharing so others can read your Words of Inspiration!)