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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trail Thrasher

I have mentioned several times about how important good shoes are for my exercise journey.  I have the best shoes I have ever owned.  I want to tell you a little about them.  One day my daughter was having a garage sale and  just mentioned to me that she had a pair of brand new shoes that she did not like.  I swooped right down on them and gave them a good look. They were black(hot in the desert) and very chunky and solid looking.  I have always walked in a walking shoe that has mesh or a very light material and usually a light color. These shoes were just not me.  I decided to put them on and see how they felt. AHHHHHH my feet said. These are wonderful. They were extra wide in the toe area and comfy. The tread was thick and had little ribs that held the base of the shoe up just a little. When I walked they gave a little bit of a push off with the next step. So I decided to take them for a walk. I did not feel every little crack and bump on the trail that I usually do. They gave me a little spring to my walk. My feet did not have the aches and pains that I often have.  I love these shoes.  I have ordered myself another pair in case I wear the first pair out. I think I will always walk with what is called a "trail running shoes." That is what these are and they are cushioned to withstand that kind of punishment. (I would never dare run a trail)  I forget how important the right shoes can be. I had to pay a little more than usual for the extra pair but it was worth it. If my feet hurt I do not walk and do the exercise that I need.  The little extra money is worth it. I have put 267 miles on my Trail Thrasher's since the middle of October and plan to add a few more. So if you see me out in my chunky black shoes just wave and know that my feet are saying.   AHHHHHHHHHH.

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