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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Recommending a video series.

I try to not post or promote things but I think this one is important.  I received a magazine from the Southwest Utah Public Health Foundation and in it was a Film Review. In reading the review I realized that I had seen this series before.  I watched it in 2008 when I believe it was released. I remember at that time I was horrified and terrified because of the problems I had with my health and my weight. I watch it and cried and swore to myself that I was going to change and lose the weight. Well it must have not scared me enough because by 2010 I was at least 50 pounds heavier and in worse physical shape.  As I watched it again I was again horrified and terrified but not for myself.  I thought of family and friends that struggle with both health and weight issues. I am sad that I cannot do for them what they have to do themselves.  I wonder about what we as a society are doing to our young children. How can we teach and help them when it is such a struggle ourselves.  My mind has been whirling with so many emotions and sadness. I recommend you watch this. It probably will horrify and terrify some of you. My hope is that it will also inspire, challenge, educate, and encourage you to take that first step and then continue on moving into a healthy journey.   WARNING: The videos are graphic and have some Renaissance paintings that contain nudity. It is not something to watch with children. Autopsy and diseased organs are also shown. It is free to view online at:

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