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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer flyby.

Where did this summer go? It seems like a whirlwind blew and scattered all the days.  This week  I began my joyful time of driving to my son's home  early in the morning to get two of my grand's off to school.  I have to say that first day back was a great morning. The one grand has started 6th grade and going to a big school.  Riding on the bus and class changes are a big adventure. He headed out the door at 6:45 excited and looking forward to going next door and "picking up" his friend to walk to the bus stop together. As I stood out in the front yard and watch them they were walking up the street, heads leaning into each other, and giggling as they walked.  They seemed to be so happy. The childhood joys of a best friend. It is so fun to watch this boy grow into a man. Then the younger. The second grade King of Riverside.  He is a little lost without his big brother walking with him to school. He had a plan already worked out. He was going to ride his bike. (I use to walk with the two of them but he would not have any of that walking stuff today.) He was riding his bike. His orange Mongoose. I told him he couldn't ride it today because he didn't know how to do his combination lock.  Well after he showed me 5 times he could do it he won that challenge. The next was he couldn't ride unless he wore a helmet. He promptly showed me that he could wear his brothers and it fit fine. Then the argument if brother's get taken during the day then he would have to buy him a new one.  No problem there are he ran and showed me the money he had been saving for allowance. After that we had to call dad and ask permission. That was reluctantly given with instructions to stay on the one side of road, walk the bike across the busy intersection, and to be careful.  So off we went, he on his bike and me following in the car some distance behind(I think we have all done that with a child or grand.)  He did great! One time he even turned to look at me following him and gave me the thumbs up. There were at least 15 other children riding bikes and scooters down that street with mom's and dad's following!!! So our new year has began. It will be challenging and exciting. One of the greatest joys my son and I have enjoyed is watching those two boys blossom into kind, friendly, happy, competent, content little people. I am glad I get to share this time with them.

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  1. Loved reading this. There is a reason they call them 'Grand Kids'