Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

St. George Magazine

Many of you have seen the picture of me and my son Eric on the cover of the  September St. George Magazine.  I want to tell you a little bit about it.  A reported called my son and began asking him a lot of questions about me and my health journey. Someone at the Newspaper had read my blog and felt like my story should be told.  I was told at the time of the interview that the magazine would have a few articles about people who had changed their lives.  I thought that would be okay.  I want to help people get healthy any way I can.  Then he decided that the interview should go in conjunction with a photo shoot?  I wondered about that but they did need a photo to put with the article. Eric and I met at the Spectrum office and had an elaborate photo shoot. Both inside and outside shots.  At the same time we met with the reporter and talked about our life changes.  The reporter them came to my home to finish up his interview.  I had no idea until I opened my newspaper and saw that magazine that we were going to be on the cover and the feature article.  I have to say, I have been so amazed and humbled by the response to that article. I have been told many times that because of the article someone has decided to change their life. That they have realized that they need to try. I never dreamed 5 years ago that I would be helping others to make the choice to improve and better themselves. I want to thank you all for the words of encouragement, thanks, hope, and love that have been given to me. 

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