Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

What's In, What's Out

One of the concepts I was teaching about in my class the other day was what's in and what's out. A lot of comments were made about things that were popular in the world now that use to be big when I was younger.  Roller skates,  board games, and phones in homes were a few mentioned. Then the meeting took a turn asking, what is inside you that is holding you back? What needs to be put out? I was struggling with how to present this because I am pretty hard on holding a lot of stuff inside.  I struggle with the "What Ifs'" that would have been if I had not become addicted to pain Rx. Then  onto the "What If's" that I put my family through with the many years they had of worry and care for me. I could go on and on and on. We all have "What If's."  I decided I was going to listen to my friend and leader who I work with and go to her class to get some ideas.  In that class was a young mother. She brings her three little children with her to class each week. (that in itself is pretty awesome to me.) She has lost a good amount of weight but her journey is still continuing.  She expressed that she had gone home from the last week and visited with her husband. (Last week we talked about positive self talk.)  She shared that she has felt like such an ugly person that she could not even give herself positive encouragement.  She asked her husband to please help her. Each morning he sweetly told her how amazing she was and how special she was to him and her family.  As she told us this we were all very touched. I think she will continue on with her journey and be able to improve her life.  We all need that little extra encouragement at times.  I am going to continue to give myself positive encouragement. I also want to encourage each of you reading my blog to spend some time with yourself. Find those awesome things that are uniquely you and write them down somewhere. Read them often. Before bed and in the morning.  It might be hard but my hope is those words will help you to be able to start or continue on with YOUR healthy journey.

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