Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spread a little Joy.

We are once again in the  middle of the Christmas season.  Each year I like to watch and wait to see if there is something special I can do to help someone have a little more joy in their heart this time of year.   This year I have been acknowledging  people who have given me random acts of kindness.  I want them to know that to me it means a lot when they do something kind.  A few days ago I was walking into a gas and goodie type  store to get me a drink.  As I approached the door a gentleman jumped ahead of me and opened  the door with a cheerful, "please let me get that for you."  I told him thank you and want on to get my drink.  As I was paying I noticed the man in line right behind me. He was holding a refillable coffee mug and another cup of coffee.  On impulse I told the cashier that I would like to pay for his coffee because he had been such a gentleman to get the door.  She told me that she sees people  come in all day and literally slam the door in other peoples faces that are coming in behind them. I paid and left with him calling out, "thank you."  Today I returned to that same store.  The cashier as I went to pay told me that my drink was already paid for.  The gentleman had come back later  and paid for my drink and asked her to make sure I got it the next time I came in.  She then explained about why I had paid for his coffee. He just couldn't believe that someone had paid for his coffee for being polite.  I hope it spread a little joy into his day.  It gave me a lot of joy to think about his reaction.   I guess it gave quite a bit of joy to the cashier too.  Three people had a moment of joy.  Not bad for a two dollar investment.


  1. Today, I had to call a well known company with a problem I had created in trying to order the same thing for two different people. She had to contact UPS, get their system to flag the item (it had shipped from yesterday), hopefully to get it rerouted to the correct recipient. When we were done, she thanked me for doing business with her company and I told her I hoped the rest of her day was as easy as our phone call was. She laughed, (I knowing all too well what a Customer Service Rep hears on an ordinary day), and thanked me for such a kind thought. We hung up smiling, I know on my end and I hoped on her end. It's just that simple :)