Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dig Deep

I receive an E-mail each day from Darren Hardy. He has touched on many subjects while motivating people to strive for their best and follow their dreams.  One of the messages I received was a recording from Darren's mentor Jim Rohn.  In this message he says that instead of just setting a goal ask yourself WHY?  Why do I want to lose weight? Why do I want to do this or that?  As I was walking today I thought about those words.  I have told you many times about some of the whys  that caused me to start my journey.  I have to continue reminding myself of those whys as I work hard to maintain my weight loss and take care of myself both mentally and physically. I know that many of you started your new year with the goal to lose weight or gain health.  I also know that statistically you have already given up.  Don't give up. Sit with yourself for a little while and actually write down a list of whys.  When you have your list done look at it again and dig deeper.  Why do you want to lose weight?  Oh, there may be some tears and some frustration but you have to dig. Get down to the real reasons. The ones that will really motivate you.  You might come up with some things that surprise you. I hope in this digging you find some words that can help you in your healthy journey.  Family, participate,  begin liking yourself,  and live are just a few I came up with.   After each one of those words I asked myself.  WHY?  Why did I want to be able to participate? (because I was tired of being sick and tired and watching life from the sidelines .)  Family? ( I didn't want my grand's to remember me as an overweight, sick old lady.) What about liking(loving) myself? (Anyone who has excess weight or health issues knows what I'm talking about.)  This is the type of "Why's" that can get you motivated because they give you fuel to feed your hope.  They give you strength to try and do what you need to do. Maybe they can give you enough hope and encouragement that you realize that you really are worth the work and effort this may take you to fight hard for your life. It is a fight!  Why are you worth it?  What are your dreams? Why are you not reaching for them.?  We need to be like a small child constantly asking ourselves why?  Why?  WHY?  We might get the answers we really needed to be strong on our healthy journey. Don't give up!!!

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