Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Update on weight

When I first began this blog I had lost 115 lbs.  I thought that was where my weight would stay.  As I have become more active and "wiser" about my food choices I have been able to lose I little more.  My weight loss now bounces between 125-130 lbs.  As I type this I just can't believe that I ever carried that much excess weigh around.  In the meeting I teach, I have those who have lost 10 pounds hold a 10 pound bag of sugar.  It astonishes me and them at how much that 10 pounds really feels like.  I am surprised at the change in how some foods taste to me.  I never dreamed I would crave veggies  and whole grains.  I still love the sweets and will probably always struggle with that.  I do have them but the impact on my fibromyalgia pain makes it (almost) not worth it.  I found an old chart I began after I had lost about 30 pounds.  I bought a scale that gave me the percentage of fat and BMI. (body mass index)  I had already lost 30 pounds when  the scale told me  my body was 63.4% fat.  Muscle was 24.6%  A BMI of 40.7. It also reads the water content which was 35.7%   It would have been a lot higher if I had the scale from the very first. Every few months I would record those number again to see how my weight loss was impacting those numbers. Today I got on my scale again.  I know it can not be very accurate but is a tool to see how I am doing.  My body fat is 33%  Muscle is 31.2% and the BMI is 24. The water content is 47.2 %.   As I have mentioned before I  decided when I began that I was doing this.  DOING THIS.  I took photos, made charts, saved "big clothes" and many other little steps to help me to see the progress when I was discouraged and ready to give up.  If you are just starting your healthy journey take pictures. Take measurement.  I don't have the measurements from the start and wish I did.  Do everything and anything that can keep you going on your way to a new and improved you! YOU can DO THIS.

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