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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Frozen Shoulder update

I once again have been able to prove that doing exercises does help your body recover.  I posted in an earlier post about my frozen left shoulder.  I had very limited movement and pain....oh, my the pain!  I am happy to report that my shoulder is unthawing and at a faster rate that I ever hoped for.  I have been diligent in doing the list of exercises that the Dr. gave to me and I can really see progress.  I have a ways to go but If I go real slow I can raise my arm straight up like I want to be called on to answer a question.  That is real progress! The movement still causes quite a bit of pain and I have to go slowly but I can do it.  That was impossible a month ago.  I still have limited movement in some of the directions but can see improvement there also. In some strange way I am glad I went though this because it has given me a opportunity to learn many things.   I have learned to appreciate movement more than I ever did before.  I  learned that exercise can help tremendously when done correctly and regularly. I  learned to ask questions and research. I learned that I can handle the pain that in my research was rated as intense and severe, and that  I don't need pain pills to get through an injury.  That has been a great fear for me.  "What if..?" I get an injury and have to take pain pills. (If I ever do need them I also know how to handle it thanks to my NA meetings.)  I learned that I can tell the Dr. NO THANK YOU, I don't want them and walk away. I have learned to watch and make sure I am not protecting that shoulder to much and limiting that movement I can now do. I have learned that my body can heal and wants to heal. This is just a small sample of the lessons I learned from this and I wanted to write them here so I would not forget them.  I just wanted to share this and hope you are looking for some of the things that you can learn as you go through your struggles and trials.

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  1. Thanks for posting your updates, I always learn something new. Glad your shoulder is getting better.