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Monday, July 6, 2015

House is full again

My life has changed once again.  For years now I have had the time and freedom to come and go as I wanted. To exercise, shop, and do my errands. This summer I have been given the wonderful opportunity to have my two grand's spend almost every day with me. They are good boys and I have spent mornings with them before school for several years now but this is different.  A challenge for me to figure out. When to exercise and how?  I have been using this as a reason to not exercise and I have to change my mind. What has added to this challenge is that they want to spend as much time with their cousins as possible so that adds 3 more boys to the mix. It is fun, it keeps me busy. It also keeps them busy, and happy.  We have to stay inside most of the time with the temperatures so hot but I have a large cool empty basement. (A boys haven for huts!)  I have had to really scold myself and remind myself that there are moms all over the world that can fit exercise into their busy lives. I have a few options and I need to get going.  Walking early in the morning  when it is cooler. They come about 8 most days. Take them swimming in the afternoon. Good for all of us. Exercise videos. I dug out my wii fit to see if that would help me get going and so far I have not been able to grab a turn. It was a hit with all the boys and they spend quite a bit of time challenging each other to different activities. It wears them out so maybe it was not such a bad idea after all.   Also the different foods that I have in the house.  I still try to eat healthy but once in a while a treat calls to me. Usually when I do indulge one of them reminds me that I really shouldn't be eating that!  I am surprised at how much they have learned.  We have discussions often about "healthy and unhealthy" foods. At this point some of them are pretty young to fully understand that concept. I just explain that any food eaten in large amounts can be unhealthy. They seem to understand that. I talk to  them  about exercise and workouts. It would probably be more effective if I demonstrated to them by actually doing some exercise or workouts. Sounds like I am in need of a attitude adjustment. This has really opened my eyes that I need to be willing to adjust and try new options. It has also given me a greater admiration for others that are working on their own healthy journey.  Especially those of you who are working, caring for children, and still taking time out to exercise.  " You are my inspiration and motivation." Thank you for showing me that it can be done.

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