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Monday, April 1, 2013

Garden Thiefs

 I have two Greek tortoises. They are so similar to our native desert tortoise that they only have one toe that  is different.  They are about the size of a softball and roam my back yard. Last year in November they both decided to hibernate in the yard. I knew where one was but not the other. It got really cold here and I thought they would both freeze to death. We decided to not bother them and see what happened. A couple of weeks ago we began carefully working in our garden and planted all the cool weather produce. We put a few baby cabbage plants out, planted peas, radishes, cauliflower. The next day while out checking the yard I noticed that both of the tortoises had come out of hibernation and found my little cabbage plants by climbing up into a 6 inch tall grow box and had really taken more than their share. Upon close examination of the plants I began to see something that really surprised me. Each plant had one leaf left. I am thinking that somehow those little thief's knew that if
they ate every bit of the plant it would die. They must somehow know that for them to have a reproduction of  food they have to leave a little. I was amazed.  I am now watching them as they straddle the row of peas and radishes that are coming out gobbling them as fast as they can walk. One friend mentioned maybe I might want to put a fence around the garden. I am not to worried about them eating all they want because I don't have to worry about feeding them myself. I am also getting free fertilizer. I just hope they like to eat the weeds too.

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