Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

13 and 1/2 miles. Why?

I wrote in a previous Blog that I had walked a couple of 1/2 marathons and completed them. One I even hold the record for being last!!!  In the St. George 1/2, I finished 28 seconds to late.  I walked over that line at 3 hours 30  minutes and 32 seconds.  I stopped before the finish line and gave "high fives" to my family waiting and so did not complete it under the time limit. (the high fives were as important as the final time)  The Dog Town (Washington, Utah)  I finished with about a minute to spare and I hold the record for last. I thought I was done with all that walking but I thought wrong.  Little promptings kept popping into my head last August. Maybe? Should I? Why? Why Not? A lot of training. A lot of good exercise!!!  So I signed up.  I am planning to walk the St. George 1/2  marathon on Saturday January 18th.  13.1 miles in 3 and 1/2 hours.  I have been walking may miles to get ready.  It has been so much easier on my body this time. I am carrying about 70 pounds less on my feet, knees, and hips than last time. I have been keeping track of the miles I have walked since I got my phone tracker in the middle of October and was surprised to realize that I have walked about 205 miles in training mode.  It doesn't seem like I have walked that much.  I put on my shoes, my fanny pack, my music and I go.  As I was walking the other day I looked back at the past  5 years and remembered how I use to be.  I remember the slow painful walks to the mail box and back. (having to take a pain pill to do that)  I remember having to put on knee supports to walk around a couple of blocks.  If anyone had told me a few years ago that I would be walking 1/2 marathons at the age of 60 I would have laughed at them.  Miracles are possible. Health can be improved. Change can occur. Start YOUR training to better health.  Maybe your goal is a block, a walk to your mail box,  a  flight of stairs,  a walk around your house twice, lifting soup cans while sitting in your recliner, standing up and sitting down through TV commercials, tossing a ball with your pet, leg lifts, dancing through a whole song, or dancing AND singing through a whole song.  It doesn't matter the distance or what you do. What matters is YOU DID IT!!


  1. You are such an inspiration to me! I too have lost about 200 lbs. Not the hard way like you, but by surgery. But I would have died had I not had it. My Drs. gave me less than 5 years to live. But now with my diabetes I no longer have to take any medication, my High Blood Pressure is gone, & I am only on 2 meds. now instead of 20. It still has been a "journey" cause I haven't been this weight since I was 16! Thank you for sharing your story with everyone! You inspire us all to do better!

    1. I think it is hard no matter what way you fight to regain your health. It is more about changing the mind. Great that you are doing so well. Thanks for the kind comments.

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