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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Listening in class.

I have mentioned before that I help get some of my Grand's to school in the morning. This week I have been sick so that delightful assignment was passed onto my son.  One morning before they went to school they went with him to do the chores. They were looking at the new grave of my daughter's sweet cat Kiara.  Now Kiara has been a member of our whole family for 15 years. All of the Grand's have spent hours and hours with her. Playing with her, poking at her eyes and ears, laying on her soft side, and just loving on her.  She loved it!! Those babies were hers!  Anyway,  the younger one who is 6 stood there quietly for a few moments then looked up and said...."If  I could make any two people in the whole wide world come back to life it would be Kiara..... and Martin Luther King."

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  1. Out of the mouths of babes... and it also says a lot about your whole family.