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Monday, January 28, 2013

Childs play.

For the past couple of years I have asked my family for fitness equipment for gifts for my birthday and Christmas. One of the the first gifts I got was a huge exercise ball. The kind you can sit on and do all kinds of good exercises on.  I attempted to try it out for a day or two and looked at all the different pictures of people demonstrating how to do  different things with the ball to strengthen muscles. I sat on it and bounced a little. I laid on it and was immediately rolled to the floor. I just didn't think I could do it.  I put the instructions in a safe place and tucked the ball behind my recliner. One day my grand's came over and spotted that BIG WONDERFUL BALL. Can we try it granny? Can we? Those little ones took that ball and had a blast. Rolling, chasing, bouncing, pushing, kicking, bumping each other, balancing it in the air with their feet,  rolling over it with their bodies, and tossing it back and forth. They would squeal and laugh each time it bumped into them. They did not stop and ask to study the instruction sheet or do the proper movements on the ball- they just played with it.  The ball that I had looked at and decided was to hard to do became their favorite toy!!  As I was thinking about this the other day I realized that I had looked at that ball with the wrong attitude.  I needed to get that ball out and try again. This time looking at it as a BIG WONDERFUL BALL. I did not really have to do the exercises that the little pictures were showing me and I did not need to be perfect in every move. I was holding my self back by thinking I could only use that ball the way its instructions said.  I needed to just play with that ball..... My ball still sits behind my recliner and it still comes out to play with the grand's when they come over but I now know what fun I too can have with that ball.

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