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Monday, January 21, 2013

Recliner Zumba

About a year ago I was lucky enough to spend a day with my sister. We live about 300 miles apart so this was a big treat. As we were talking about some of my movement moments I mentioned to her that I was going to a Zumba class. She informed me she had a wii and had a Zumba game. We decided that we would get it going and see how well we could do Zumba. She worked at it and finally figured out how to run the game.  It seemed pretty complicated. We decided to watch for a little while and see how to do it. After about 40 minutes of watching we both started laughing. We realized that we were both kicked back in big soft recliners sipping on our favorite big drinks letting the little Zumba figure on the TV entertain us. That was a fun day but neither one of us got much movement in.  I guess I want to put this on as an example of how many times we just sit back and watch others live the life we wish for ourselves. I also want to remind myself and my sister that sometimes it is okay to just kick back and enjoy the company of someone you love. Love you sis.

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