Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting started

   I finally convinced myself that I needed to really get serious about reclaiming my life. I was surviving off  a lot of medications I had been on for years. I was not taking the narcotic pain medications that I had been dependent on for 17 years. I was suppose to feel great but I didn't. I was surviving but not really living. I decided that I was going to take about a week and prepare myself and my home for success. I was going to be very serious about this. I told my family that I was going to really get serious and see what I could do. (I am sure they all thought, here she goes again.)  My main focus at this time was to get my blood sugar down and hopefully quit taking the metformin my Dr. had insisted I take.  I spent the week doing research on healthy ways to control blood sugar. I wanted to know for myself what could help.  I learned that diet (healthy eating) and exercise are huge factors in controlling and lowering blood sugar. I tracked my blood sugar levels to see what I was eating that was causing the problems. (Bread, cupcakes, cookies?) I was in denial and had to face the facts I was killing myself. I guess I hit bottom because I just got mad, sad, frustrated, but determined to change.  I heard a little statement one time and it has often reminded me to stick with this. It is... you are digging your grave with a spoon.... I WAS. I had to realize that I was the problem but I could be the solution. Only I could do it. I cleaned out my treats. (of course by eating them) and started to reserch different ways to move that would cause the excess sugar to burn as fuel instead of  joining all my little fat deposits.  I started to walk. I found a pool in my area that offered water aerobic. I just started by starting.... 
     This morning I am going to go to a new class called stregnth and abs. I will probably be the oldest one there. I probably will only be able to do a little of each exercise.  I probably will moan and groan a lot.  I know I will be on the back row. I will also make new friends, learn new movement options, and laugh a lot at myself. I may even have a little fun.

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  1. that's how I felt about the back gymnastics course I started attending in September 2011, one year after the birth of my son. I was the youngest for a year, now am the second youngest and still not able to do all of the exercises but made new friends, and when I attended weekly felt better about myself, lost some ounces each time and when I insist on going (need to drive for half an hour since we do not have anything comparable in this town) I feel so proud I did and have less back pain.