Holding my "before" favorite shirt after losing 125 pounds on my journey to better health.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


One day at a family gathering I mentioned that I need some new Thongs.  There was dead quiet and then everyone started to laugh.  I continued telling them that thongs were very important to me and I  wore them everyday. I really like the flowered ones or if they had a little bling on them. I am also pretty fussy about the feel. This went on for a little while as they continued to stare at me and laugh. They finally figured out what I was talking about. I was informed that the proper words for my foot wear was "flip flops."  Now most of the people of my generation called that kind of foot wear "thongs."  They were a necessary part of my life for a lot of years. It was very difficult to put shoes on. I could not bend over to do it so had to sit and pull my legs up by my pant legs to get them on. My hands do not like to do small tasks and so I struggled with the ties. At the end of the day my swollen feet really did not like shoes.  I began to  wonder "what if" the thongs were part of the problem with the pain in my back, hips, and knees. My good friend FlyLady told me often about wearing my lace up shoes.  She came and stayed at my home with her DH one time and I am sure I laced them up when she was there but went right back to my old faithfuls after she left. I decided I better give good shoes another try. I found out that shoes do make a big difference. After a few days of doing the fight with getting on (oh no!) first sox's then shoes I discovered I did feel a little better. As I began putting them on every day I found that slowly it became easier. My feet hurt less. My back stopped aching. My knees were happy. I was able to walk more and stronger. Don't get me wrong here. I wear my lace up shoes every day now but I also look forward to spring because I can get me some new pretty thongs!


  1. Not the first time the differences between generations leads to laughter! I can just see their faces when you said you liked a little 'bling' on your thongs!!!

  2. So funny. My podiatrist told me ladies are ruining their feet wearing flat shoes. He said we need to buy two good pairs of tennis shoes and wear one pair Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the other pair Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. He said on Sunday we could wear what we wanted to wear. FlyLady would probably agree with that, and like you say, it does make a difference.

    Love your posts!

  3. OMG! When I read the title, I knew where you were going! I learned the hard way as well that kids don't say "thongs" anymore. I slip up every once in a while cuz I'm an old lady!

    Laurel - thank you for blessing me with your story of your journey. You are a real, honest-to-goodness lovely human being that was given the impetus (God-breathed, to be sure!) to start on a courageous journey. By sharing your story with us, you are encouraging us all as well.

    I re-started my wellness journey just as your blog came out and you are encouraging me to continue.